Cynthia Staats worked several years as a model in Hamburg and Paris. This is where she fell in love with styling and after completing her studies in ‘interior styling’, she decided to study ‘Fashion styling’ at the Akademie Vogue in Amsterdam. She has been gaining experience as a stylist and has assisted Aynouk Tan on some shoots.
Her passion is fashion and she does the styling for different shoots and films, where she applies her unconventional ideas. She enjoys being able to work within a fashion environment on a daily bases. Besides her styling work for magazines, fashion brands and celebrities she works as a stylist at Studio Berkhout.

When studying fashion styling and now, at work, Cynthia is often nicknamed the new ‘Emmanuelle Alt’ by her colleagues and they see a lot of potential in her.
Expectations are high which she always exceeds with extraordinary ability. Her style appears bright, calm with a focus on details that shout out loud and forms an image in the right spirit of the times.
She adheres to: less is more, all the props in her styling needs to do have a purpose.
‘Imperfection’ is her keyword, something that her stand out from the rest and makes her work special.
As a model, Cynthia traveled through some of the most fashionable cities in the world where she has gained a lot of inspiration, especially from the streetstyle. Cynthia has many unique ideas and hopes to be a famous stylist for international fashion magazines.